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Meetings and Minutes

Council of Partners

This is the core of the AONB Partnership – the governing body that guides and monitors work to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the North Wessex Downs.  The AONB Team operates on behalf of the partners, producing and helping to deliver the AONB Management Plan. 

The Council of Partners meets three times a year, usually visiting village and town halls around the North Wessex Downs. 

The Council of Partners consists of 35 members in total.  The nine local authorities whose areas make up the North Wessex Downs are represented by elected councillors and officers.  The National Farmers’ Union and the Country Land and Business Association are members, while 12 places are open to nominees from the community representing four Interest Groups: community and parish; farming and rural business; historic environment; nature conservation; and recreation and tourism.  Natural England represents central government.
List of current members

Dates of meetings 2017

Tuesday 7th March 2017
Tuesday 4th July 2017
Tuesday 14th November 2017

Dates of meetings 2016

Tuesday 8th March 2016
Tuesday 12th July 2016
Tuesday 8th November 2016

Minutes of previous meetings

Minutes of meeting 7 July 2015
Minutes of meeting 10 November 2015   
Minutes of meeting 8 March 2016

Minutes of meeting 12 July 2016


Management Working Group

The Management Working Group consists of individuals appointed by the Council of Partners because of their expertise and skills.
They have responsibility to:

For a complete list of members or if you would like to contribute to the work of the North Wessex Downs, please contact our Partnership Coordinator

Dates of meetings 2017

Wednesday 8th February 2017
Wednesday 31st May 2017
Wednesday 20th September 2017
Wednesday 13th December 2017

Dates of meetings 2016

Wednesday 10th February 2016
Wednesday 8th June 2016
Wednesday 21st September 2016
Wednesday 7th December 2016

Minutes of previous meetings

Minutes of meeting 10 June 2015
Minutes of meeting 23 September 2015
Minutes of meeting 9 December 2015
Minutes of meeting 10 February 2016