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Projects 2006 - 2007

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Avebury World Heritage Site Residents Pack.

Launch of Avebury Residents Pack

Kennet District Council (now Wiltshire Council) received £9,691 grant to create a comprehensive pack for people living and working in the World Heritage Site. This project involves young people and residents to deepen awareness and appreciation of the varied significance of Avebury and the surrounding area, build positive partnerships and foster sustainable management of the outstanding heritage and its closely linked landscape.

For further details, please visit the Wiltshire Council or English Heritage websites.

Boosting Butterflies in the North Wessex Downs.

Mapping for boosting butterflies

Pang, Kennet and Lambourn Valleys Countryside Project (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) received £8,065 grant to carry out detailed research of specialist chalk grassland butterflies in the North Wessex Downs AONB.

FWAG, the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre and Butterfly Conservation Society collated all the existing chalk grassland butterfly data and tested the distribution of key butterflies against the remaining chalk grassland in the Letcombe Regis target area and across the chalk downs within the AONB.

The information is important for monitoring future butterfly populations and the management and creation of suitable habitat particularly as butterfly distribution may already be changing in response to climate change. A new group interested in butterfly conservation has been set up.

Bucklebury Parish Plan.

Bucklebury Parish Council received £850 grant to help the publication and distribution of the Parish Plan. Bucklebury parish is within the North Wessex Downs AONB, an

d several of the priority actions relate to conservation and enhancement of the environment. The Parish Plan helps local people to have a wider understanding of the unique qualities of the North Wessex Downs.

See the plan here, or for further details visit Bucklebury Parish Council.

Countryside Education Visits in the North Wessex Downs.

Hampshire Country Learning received £10,950 grant to train farmers and landowners so that they can host educational visits by school children to the countryside. This enables the children to learn about food and farming, and the benefits of eating locally-grown produce through the National Curriculum subjects. The project included in-school sessions with groups of children and their teachers before and after their on-farm visit. The North Wessex Downs AONB website includes the Countryside Education Network section to enable teachers to locate farms in the North Wessex Downs where they can take groups of school-children.

For further information please visit the Country Learning section of the North Wessex Downs AONB Website.

Earth Heritage in West Berkshire

The Berkshire RIGS group received £5,000 grant for a project to enable people to discover and appreciate the rich geological heritage in the North Wessex Downs area of West Berkshire. Through a series of walks, talks and events, the Berkshire RIGS group recruited and trained 20 local people in recording and conserving geological heritage, surveyed more than eight regionally important geological sites in the North Wessex Downs and provided environmental stewardship advice to landowners. The methodology for working with volunteers and landowners is now available for other practitioners in the North Wessex Downs. The project exceeded expectations and will ensure a sustainable group continues to research and maintain areas of geological importance in West Berkshire.

For further information please visit the Berkshire Geoconservation Group website.

Flavours of the Thames Valley

The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire Food Groups received £1,000 grant to support the annual trade event to showcase local produce with retailers, chefs, restaurateurs and the hospitality sector. The event was held on 14 March at Chieveley Village Hall near Newbury, and featured producers from the Hampshire and Wiltshire areas of the North Wessex Downs. 134 businesses attended the event, including 22 exhibitors. Feedback from exhibitors showed that at least £13,000 worth of new business was developed at the event.

For further information please visit

Future Fuels – Savernake Forest

RFET Wiltshire Outreach received £5,471 grant to deliver, with BTCV Wessex, a project where adults living with or recovering from mental health difficulties and young people at risk of exclusion worked in separate phases of the project to restore Charcoal Burners Ride in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire. The project included conservation work coppicing trees to create material for charcoal burning, and installing and running charcoal burning in an historic setting to restore traditional methods of woodland management. Charcoal is sold by Richmond Fellowship Environment and Training (RFET). The project continues to attract youth groups and improve the biodiversity of the Forest.

For further information please visit the Richmond Fellowship.

Grazing animals in the North Wessex Downs

Grazing animals

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group received £7,550 grant for this project to encourage more grazing of sheep on the priority chalk grassland areas of the North Wessex Downs.

This encourages sustainable land management and helps sustain the rural economy. The project promoted the website which provides an information sharing service for graziers with sheep, and landowners looking for sheep to graze their grassland. The website has expanded to include land and flocks outside the North Wessex Downs AONB.

Kintbury Parish Plan: 2020 Vision

Kintbury Parish Plan

Kintbury Parish Council received £850 grant to help with the publication and distribution of the 2020 Vision parish plan which focuses on the sustainability of the community, environment and economy within the protected landscape of the North Wessex Downs.

Visit the Kintbury Parish Plan website for more details.

Local Geodiversity Action Plan for the North Wessex Downs

Local Geodiversity Action Plan

Oxfordshire Geology Trust received £16,200 grant to carry out research across the North Wessex Downs AONB and develop a Local Geodiversity Action Plan (LGAP) to provide a framework for the future conservation and promotion of local geodiversity. The LGAP will inform and influence a wide range of activities including planning, use of natural resources, habitat improvements, and celebrate local character to attract visitors.

Visit the Oxfordshire Geology Trust for further information.






Vale of Pewsey: access all areas

Vale of Pewsey

BTCV Wessex received £4,720 grant to run a residential project enabling young people from towns close to the North Wessex Downs and at risk of serious social exclusion, to carry out useful projects in the protected landscape and learn new practical and social skills.

The groups lived on British Waterways Board narrow boats and carried out pathway improvements and built picnic tables to be sited alongside the Kennet & Avon Canal.






Yatesbury Organic Farm visitors leaflet

The Soil Association received £975 grant to design and print a leaflet about Yatesbury Organic Farm so that visitors learn more about organic farming in the North Wessex Downs and the Avebury World Heritage Site.

Yatesbury Organic Farm is part of the Soil Association’s demonstration farm network, and also the North Wessex Downs Countryside Education Network of farms.

For further information please visit the Soil Association website.