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Special Qualities


Land Management

Farmland and woodland are a key part of the landscape of the North Wessex Downs. Changes in these land uses have a major influence on the natural beauty of the area. Land-based enterprises play a significant role in acting as stewards of the landscape and contributing to an economic balance for communities. Additionally, equine activities and field sports are significant in terms of land use and management. 

Arable farming on the North Wessex Downs

We are seeking to protect and enhance the following special qualities of land management in the North Wessex Downs:

•    Varied agricultural management and field patterns
•    Hedgerows
•    Different types of woodland
•    Equestrian activity
•    Field sports, including highly valued game fishing.

The partnership encourages initiatives that facilitate sustainable land management. We support a network of advisors and projects that offer landscape scale advice to land manager and lannd owners.

The full range of issues and opportunities from sustainable woodland management are explored through the North Wessex Downs Woodland Forum.

A new online resource is available which has information on the historic land use right across the AONB  with interactive maps, pictures and text so you can easily access the information you need whether it is to inform decisions about development, conservation, farming, land managment or just your own interest.  See the new site here.

Programmes such as LEADER and the Sustainable Development Fund encourage diverse and viable land-based enterprises that support the delivery of a wide range of public benefits and enhance the special qualities and features of the North Wessex Downs.

Further information:

Factsheet on Environmental Stewardship

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